Hello again, wonderful world of blogs, xanga, facebook, tumblr, and myspace (or does that last one even exist anymore?). Here in lies a place where I’ll be sharing daily thoughts and prayers, political/spiritual frustrations and beliefs, newly discovered and always cherished books, thinkers, artists, music, and so on. Feel free to run…if your computer is currently not responding, go grab some coffee, take a pee break and come back and I bet you’ll be able to hit the little “x” on the top right hand if you wish to continue your fleeing.

If you stayed, welcome and I hope in some ways this little blog can be part of a community, a movement, and selfishly a place where I can express my daily struggles with my return to a culture I adore and sometimes wince towards.

Some background: My return to Arkansas began in the Winter of 2010, so it has been over, well 2 years now, and I’m finally feeling the last bits of bitterness fade away and a calming excitement towards my renewed home. I’ll share some of my difficulties along the way, but for now I prefer to stay in the present moment. Since that is all we really have (now, now put away your crystals, this isn’t that kind of blog…at least not today). However, there will be yoga as that is one of my spiritual and well-being practices. (So if you are one of few individuals that believes that opens one up for demon invasion, beware of this blog. Run, block it, hurry, I’m sending blue hairy, chubby, little green eyed demons your way.)

It’s Sunday, September 16, 2012 with an overcast evening approaching in downtown Little Rock. So with my Berry Detox Tea raised I say cheers to sharing continued life and new beginnings, opportunities of cherished love and sadness for missed ones, and mere life.

To end as always with a beautiful thinker I (and many) admire:

“Honesty and transparency make us vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyways.” Mother Teresa

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