“You have to be…

“You have to be holy — wherever God has put you.” Mother Teresa


Day Two of Early Morning Rising

Admittedly I was sheepish in posting the above quote.


Well, the idea of calling myself out loud, on this laptop screen, holy, made me feel odd — a bit Pharisee-like. But I do believe I am holy and so is every individual, animal, ground, and head of lettuce I have in my fridge. Every form of creation is holy as we are all created by the Divine.

We have easily taken off our sacred lens of the world in order to justify taking ownership of our lands and abusing the resources for our own benefit as well as to justify the atrocities we commit against our “enemies” (i.e. Guantanamo;  Assad regime targeting bakeries and civilians in Syria).

As soon as we return to this perspective, we are (at least I hope) able to process what we have done, weep, and choose love. I don’t believe we are alone in our weeping. I very much believe that God wept when the bullets hit Osama Bin Laden just like He continues to weep when he sees us kill one another and kill the creation that He has given us to be stewards, not owners, of.  But when we recognize the light in ourselves and the light in others, He rejoices.

Reflecting on the last part of the quote, wherever God has put you, this is truth that I  want to avoid. Even though I love my home I find myself in a sort of stalemate with action. I think of Syria, Palestine and feel at a loss of what tiny me can do.

There are many actions we can take:  prayer, fasting, and advocating for others to do the same – this can breed action. As one of my favorite quotes from Mama T states: “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”

Instead of avoiding the place around you, the suffering that you see everyday, find ways to acknowledge the humanity of those that many avoid eye contact with (oh I’m guilty of this…rushing to my car to avoid the person approaching me for change). Give what you have, give until it hurts. Even if giving is just an acknowledgment of the other person’s humanity. Give them respect and loving kindness – a smile, a handshake, a hug. Something.

In all this, I want to end by saying. Give to yourself to in a way that  nourishes the spirit. I have found myself on multiple occasions with a huge case of burn out and cynicism  Remember that you are holy, that God has created you and given you this body, mind, and spirit. Treat it well with a lifestyle that recognizes the sanctity of life – your life.

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