Oh Ralph

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”  

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lee Mtn – Dover, Arkansas

Beauty is within us and until we recognize this the beauty of the world will only be blur of colors or obstacles to maneuver through – arriving at our destination as quickly and blindly as possible. We will only be carrying hurried images rather than the amazement of the world.

I’ve tried to learn to stop. Of course, I’m wonderful at times and other times I’m screaming at the driver in front of me to “MOVE!”

This to say, I’m speaking more to myself than to anyone else really.

I’m becoming a lover of myself but not in the arrogant mindset that permeates our society.

I love my flaws and strengths.

My passion that can override logic.

My gratitude for this moment because of those I’ve lost.

My unconventional upbringing and who that has formed me to be.

My red face that burns whenever more than one person looks at me.

My doubt in what I believe.

My grandmother-like qualities – 4:00 dinner, bed by 9:00, inability to fully function until I have 2 cups of coffee in my system.

My idealistic hope with the acknowledgment of my once ( and still sometimes) cynical mind and heart.

My excitement in multiple projects – meaning sometimes I only finish one of ten.

My family of friends – blessed beyond measure for the souls in my life.

My God – the incomprehensible and unconditional love that flows freely from the Holy Trinity.

Ok, well that is a lot of “My.”

I hope that you find the  time to embrace all aspects of yourself.

Loving yourself  helps you fully love another.  I think it is somewhat impossible to really love another person if can’t love yourself.  I know…this is something you have heard multiple times. I’ll admit this was a hard lesson that I may have to learn again.

Learn to stop and see the beauty in your soul. I believe this will enable your eyes and heart to see the beauty surrounding you.

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