Downsizing and Leashes for Cats

Copyright: Jason Hines: To Resolve Project 2012 // Live Simply
Copyright: Jason Hines: To Resolve Project 2012 // Live Simply

Today began with two cups of coffee, the initial one was dive-bomb destroyed by a lingering fly – one of about 15 that circled my chair all morning, and a muggy summer garage sale. People came and went and few folks bought our stuff. Amanda and I prepared and dismissed the rain clouds and flying pine needles, though this weather did result in today’s favorite quote, “Is that my hair or a pine needle?” The leftovers were donated to goodwill and a literal weight was lifted. Now to find a new home for my full size mattress set. Things are a goin’ out the door and into someone’s else space.

“Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it.” –  Epictetus

This morning was Part I of LIfe Downsizing – for what I haven’t a clue. Possibly a future of communal living (if I could find another soul(s) interested and actually willing to create this reality in Little Rock) or living it up in a VW van or just merely a much needed return to simplistic living. If the VW van is ever to work, I need to conduct an experiment: one that involves a leash and my cat, Dylan. Anyone actually given that a try, meaning putting your cat on leash or living out of a VW van with a fairly temperamental old cat? I’m quite petrified of her reaction… and mine too. One good sign is that her previous owners named her Dylan after her love for Bob Dylan. So maybe in her previous life or deep down in her cat soul – she is a hippie, restless transplant too? Don’t worry, I’m not kidding myself here.

The evening rounded out with the construction of a fairly nifty stroller, cuddles and a diaper change with sweet Clem, and a good hug from my dear friend, Laura. All and all a stand-up Saturday with yoga practiced off the mat.

Now to bed to the delightful new Civil Wars album.

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